Facebook Email Phone Number Database Scraper

Facebook Email Phone Number Database Scraper

Facebook Email Phone Number Database Scraper

How To Instantly "Dig Millions of Potential Consumer
Data from Facebook" in Just Minutes and You Can Get
Millions of Potential Targeted Buyers from Facebook,

With Just 3 Easy Steps!
Digging Valid & Targeted UIDs , Email Addresses & Phone Numbers on Facebook
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Getting Highly Targeted Leads from Facebook &
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Refine Your Facebook Audience for Better Ad Targeting!
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Collecting Potential Consumers Database
Collect the most potential Consumers Database from Groups, Fanspages, and Post which are relllated to product you want to promote or offer.
SimpleAudience Will Automaticcaly Filtering the interested people who liked Shared and Commented in those groups, Fanspages and Posts.
Get Instant Access Now For Just $297, $197, $97, ONLY $37
Creating Facebook Custom Audience
Create Facebook Custom Audience From Potential Targetted Consumers Database that you have collected Using Simple Audience.To create a Facebook custom audience, go to the Audiences section of your Facebook Ads Manager. Then click Create Audience and select Custom Audience from the drop-down menu.
Uploading Your Database
upload a Database which is From SimpleAudiece to create a custom audience, select Customer File. Facebook will match these contacts with Facebook users and create an audience based on those matches..
Getting Highly Targeted Leads from Facebook &
Build a Real Audience in any Niche you can imagine!
SimpleAudience Digging and Collecting Valid UIDs, Email Addresses and Phone Numbers Database From Facebook
Digging and Collecting Audience Potential Database From Facebook in Very Easy and Quick Way by using Best Searching Features for any product you want to promote.
Smart FIlter Generates highly targeted and Accurate Audience Database
SimpleAudience can Smartly Filter The Databases Which Are Collected to reach the people who has high interest by giving like, share and comment in groups, Fanspages, and posts based on keywords you target and intellegently removes the duplicate Result.
Spying on Your Competitor's Facebook Ads
Using Post Engagement UID Scraper, You can Easly Get Your Potential Consumers by Collecting everyone accuratly who liked, shared and commented in your competitors' ads easy way without any additional cost.
Collecting Audience Database in Public Groups, Closed Groups and even Secret Group
No more Database Can be hidden From SimpleAudience !
SimpleAudience can easily Collect the most potential customers database from Clossed Groups and Secret Groups, Incluceng Membership Groups on Facebook !
Refine Your Facebook Audience for Better Ad Targeting
By Using Simple Audience, You Can Easily Refine Your ad Targeting by collecting The Most Potential and targetted Consumers Database (Email Addresses, Phone Numbers, UID, Locations, Gendes) by using our Smart Filtering Features from every Fanspage, Groups, and Posts in Facebook
Getting Highly Targeted Leads from Facebook &
Build a Real Audience in any Niche you can imagine!
Easy Step to Generate Instant Leads and Profits from FB?
Forget Manual Method - We Automate it ALL!
Valid and Targeted Consumers Database Which Are Related to Our Product
Is The Most Valuable Thing Which Can Make Money More and More 
This Is Why SimpleAudiece Comes in to Save Your Day
You can Utilize this Highly Targeted Leads 
to promote anything you want
"Designed by & for entrepreneurs and online experts to accelerate your success online "
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Build a Real Audience in any Niche you can imagine!
SimpleAudience is a desktop-based software that easy to use.
I have been using it since it released first time months back.
Since then I have no worries how to collect any database from
Facebook database as my preciouse asset when advertising my products.
SimpleAudience is one of it's kind when in terms of looking for targeted clients.
But that's only the iceberg of what this software gives you!

- Sudarmaji Lamiran
This Is One Of Facebook Tools I Expecting Most And Finally I Have It! There Was A Time When We’re Not Able To Upload Facebook UIDAnd That Time It’s Not Difficult To Create Targeted Custom Audiences. Then Everyting Has Changed And We Facebook Advertiser Have Difficulties To Build Targeted Custome Audiences. Thank God! Now We Can Build It Easily Using Simpel Audiens. I Can Scrape The ‘Real’ Emails of Facebook Users That I Use As My Targeted Audiences In Minutes. So Prepare Yourself To See My Ads At Your Screen – Or May Be You Are In My Custom Audiences Already.

- Magfur Amin
I am selling T-shirt For Children, and the competition  is hard enaugh. But by using simpleaudience and little bit catching copywriting, the Competitors' consumers are like a gold. I Collect The competitors consumers databases and run my ads using the database from simpleaudience. Now, I have 40 Agents and 120 reseller and still improving only by running FB Ads for 5 days.

- Yayan Hanafi
after know how to use how to use for advertising FB wah Extraordinary see my own screenshoot Facebook Manager - M.Rizqon
It's Really Crazy Tools Ever ! I collected databeses from FANSPAGE OF TOKOPEDIA and BUKALAPAK (Indonesian Marketplace), then i use Bukalapak android apps to add them by saving the collected database as my phon contact numbers. 

then i start promoting and getting sales from those contact, just look at my puctures boss, thanks a lot simpleaudience !

- Ahmad Zainal Arifin
Getting Conversion is never be easier
This Amazing SImpleAudience really help me to get Very targetted people to promote my product.
For me, This is the best tool to get database and it is really easy to use. I got Thousand of Phone Numbers in about clicks and promoting my bussines is very easy since now whatsapp is the most popular messanger in this world.
first time I got the database, I tried 50 numbers Only and got 10 conversian dirrectly ! That's amazing bro, The database is real !

- Nur Fahmi
What is Simpleaudience?
Simpleaudience is Dekstop based software that can be installed in Windows or MAC Device.

How does Simpleaudience work?
Simpleaudience Works Using FB API to Collect Names, Emails, Phone Numbers, Locations, And Genders of Audience Database fast in Easy Steps. By Using Advaced Filtering, Database that collected is based on interactions from like, share, and Comments. So the databases are very targeted to the people who has higher interaction and interest in any niche in facebook groups and Fanspages.

How to use simpleaudience ?
You only need to Install Simpleaudience in any Wondows or MAC devices, then Login using your license which we informed after purchase then you can freely use simpleaudience to get your The Most potential Consumers Database from Facebook.

What is my license ?
You'll get personal license, and you can use it on any devince of your own.
You welcome to use SimpleAudience to collect unlimeted data provided by Facebook as much as you want.
Then you are free to sell these data you gathered from Facebook to your clients for any project

You are allowed for :
    [ YES ] you can use simpleaudience to collect unlimited data base from facebook
    [ YES ] you can use your database for your client/company project
    [ NO ] RE-SELL in anyway
    [ NO ] Can't use for giveaway bonus

How do I download it dan Get the License ?
After The Payment is done, You Will recieve an Email with license and Login Details to Our Membership Area. There Ypu can Start Downloading and Using Simpleaudience.

How do I contact support with any issue/concern?
[email protected] , we are very happy to assist you

To Your Continued Succes
Getting Highly Targeted Leads from Facebook &
Build a Real Audience in any Niche you can imagine!
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